Facial Eczema our beginning

After moving to Waiteika Station between Raglan and Kawhia in 1973 we soon became aware of the loss of production that was occurring from clinical and sub clinical eczema. By 1980 frustrated by high eczema losses all sires were blood tested after pasture challenge and noticed some sires were very susceptible.

At this stage a number of breeders in South Auckland and Waikato had started testing for FE tolerance, dosing potential sires with toxin and measuring the rise in blood after 3 weeks. So in 1985 Waiteika Station started dosing with sporidesmin through Stock Safeti then Ramguard with disappointing results at first but after 5 years of testing results were on the up, consistently increasing the dose annually to 0.60mg/kg by 2009.

We are now one of the highest tested Romney flocks in New Zealand ( FE Gold accredited), a total of 1068 Waiteika rams have been tested since 1985. Eczema outbreaks have been reduced to almost nil by using the most tolerant tested sires.

Genetic Trends Facial Eczema

Making use of the best available information when selecting eczema tolerant sires

Protect your further flocks form facial eczema

A logical permanent solution

  • Facial Eczema Tolerance is 40% Inheritable
  • Buy Rams from Breeders who are Testing and Using the most FE Tolerant as Sires, over “time” they will almost eliminate Facial Eczema. Ask for DPX Genetic Trend Graphs.
  • View the Ramguard F.E. Certificate, (noting the SIL Flock Status Rating).

More stars = higher tolerance 

  • Check number of years Breeders have been testing.
  • Compare STARTING dose rate with CURRENT dose rate. (This shows progress made)
  • How many Rams are being Tested each year? (At least 10% of saleable rams)
  • Select Highly Productive Sons of FE Tolerant Tested Sires using SIL DPX (FE Estimated Genetic Index) in dollar value in conjunction with the Ramguard Flock Status Rating (More Stars = Higher Tolerance) making Faster Permanent Gains.
Dose rate mg/kg LWT Flock Status Rating
<0.20 <0.2*
0.20 – 0.29 **
0.30 – 0.49 ***
0.50 – 0.59 ****
>0.60 *****